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Podcast Episode 9 – Transformers the Movie (1986)

The Collective are reunited to discuss the longest toy commercial in existence. The 1986 animated feature of everyone’s favourite robots in disguise, THE TRANSFORMERS!
Music Credits:
Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”.

Podcast Episode 8 – Van Helsing

The collective is back in force and ready to give their take on the 2004 enigma that is Universal’s Monster Mash “Van Helsing”. Starring Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, crazy wigs and even crazier accents!
Music Credits:
Stan Bush and Lenny Macaluso – “The Touch” (Copyright Macaluso Music and Sony/ATV Melody).
Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”.

Podcast Episode 7 – Mortal Kombat

The collective returns to continue their comparison of the Video Game Movie genre. This episode we venture from Shadaloo to Outworld as we discuss the 1995 movie, Mortal Kombat!
The big question is whether it’s a Flawless Victory or another Fatality!
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 6 – “Street Fighter”

Join Gareth and the rest of the collective while we dissect one of the craziest video game movies ever made…
1994’s “STREET FIGHTER”, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme!
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 5 – “The Mask”

A new year, a new lockdown, a new episode!
This time around, we jump ahead in to a new decade as the collective discuss one of Jim Carrey’s earlier works. The 1994 comic book movie, “The Mask”!
Come along and join the P-A-R-T-…Y? Because you GOTTA!
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 4 – “Scrooged”

This episode, ahead of the festive season, the collective digs deep in to Richard Donner’s “Scrooged”.  The 1988, contemporary adaptation of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, starring Bill Murray.

Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 3 – “Masters of the Universe”

This episode, Gareth and the collective explore and remember the 1987 live-action movie of “Masters of the Universe, starring Dolph Lungen and Frank Langella.
Come for the ride and find out whether of not it was a good journey!
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 2 – “Big Trouble in Little China”

This episode we delve in to the supernatural side of San Francisco, where we talk about John Carpenter’s cult classic!

Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 1 – “Road House”

Our premier episode!

This time around, we take time out to re-watch the classic Patrick Swayze schlockfest…ROAD HOUSE!
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Disney Goes Pulp!

So the other day I came across these online, and I couldn’t resist sharing it.

The Artist, Ástor Alexander, has done a number of prints of some of the worlds favourite Disney Princesses, in the style of Noir/Pulp Fiction covers. The result is AWESOME!

Alexander has also done many other prints that are available on their Tumblr and over at Society6. Some of these include Metroid, The Witcher and even Super Mario Bros! However, these Disney ones are so cool I had to put them up!

Just for added Geek points, these pictures are in order of original theatrical release 🙂

Snow White




Sleeping Beauty


The Little Mermaid


Beauty and the Beast








The Princess and the Frog


So, which are your favourites? Who would you like to see Alexander tackle next?