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Podcast Episode 14 (PART 2!) – The Empire Strikes Back…AGAIN!!!

The Collective are back and continuing their epic deep-dive in to the classic Star Wars sequel!

If you want to check out some reviews from the movies original release, here’s an article that’s referenced in the episode:

Podcast Episode 14 – The Empire Strikes Back…PART 1!!!

This episode, Gareth and the rest of the Collective revisit the second/fifth awesome chapter of the Skywalker Saga…THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!
And yes…there was so much to talk about as they reflect on their experiences of life a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, that we had to split it across two episodes!!! Part 2 is coming soon, fellow Geeks and Nerds 🙂

If you want to check out some reviews from the movies original release, here’s an article that’s referenced in the episode:

Episode 5 – WE’RE BACK!!!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 “On Hold”


It’s been just over a month since James Gunn was axed by Disney following surfacing of decade-old tweets, which have caused quite a stir in certain circles and not in keeping with Disneys values. During this time there has been a rollercoaster of events concerning the studio, cast and other supporters on both sides of the fence, and certainly seems far form settling down any time soon.

In a recent article from Deadline, it’s become more apparent that the firing of Gunn is having more of a knock-on effect than originally anticipated. Reports have indicated that the plot has now thickened as pre-production crew for the third instalment of the franchise have been dismissed following the studio putting the project on hold temporarily! It stands to reason as Disney and Marvel Studios will have to go back a couple of steps while they do a patch job before moving forward.

So what’s next?


Disney are still looking for a replacement for Gunn. While there isn’t any one official in the spotlight at present, recent rumours have been that “Thor: Ragnarok” Director, Taika Waititi, has recently met with Marvel. Waititi has more than proven himself with Ragnarok and given the tone the film gave, stands pretty close to that of the Guardians movies.


Disney have not officially confirmed they will be scrapping James Gunns original script, but it would make sense as why would they reward Gunn with a pay check for his written work? This could then cause further issues with the cast as Dave Bautista (Drax) has been very vocal on Gunns dismissal and that he would walk out of his contract if they abandoned the original script.

With all these factors up in the air, you have to wonder exactly what the future has in store for everyones favourite interstellar outlaws! Gunn always said that Volume 3 would be the last instalment with this collection of Guardians. But with the cast standing firm in their support for Gunn, could this indicate that a complete overhaul for the franchise is coming sooner than originally expected? Time will tell, more on this as it develops!



Episode 3 – Trailers Aplenty!!!

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