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Podcast Episode 11 – TREMORS

Come join Gareth and the rest of the collective as they take a stroll down memory lane to the (not so) sleepy town of Perfection, Nevada as we break down the 1990 Creature Feature TREMORS (available on Netflix)!
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Outro: Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 10 – Spirited Away

Come join Gareth and the rest of the collective on a whimsical journey in a far away land, as they discuss the 2003 Studio Ghibli classic “Spirited Away”!
Talking about their favourite moments, symbolism, animation style, but more importantly…Should it sound like “Ghibli” or “Jhibli”?…
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Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 9 – Transformers the Movie (1986)

The Collective are reunited to discuss the longest toy commercial in existence. The 1986 animated feature of everyone’s favourite robots in disguise, THE TRANSFORMERS!
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Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”.

Podcast Episode 8 – Van Helsing

The collective is back in force and ready to give their take on the 2004 enigma that is Universal’s Monster Mash “Van Helsing”. Starring Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, crazy wigs and even crazier accents!
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Stan Bush and Lenny Macaluso – “The Touch” (Copyright Macaluso Music and Sony/ATV Melody).
Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”.

Podcast Episode 7 – Mortal Kombat

The collective returns to continue their comparison of the Video Game Movie genre. This episode we venture from Shadaloo to Outworld as we discuss the 1995 movie, Mortal Kombat!
The big question is whether it’s a Flawless Victory or another Fatality!
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 6 – “Street Fighter”

Join Gareth and the rest of the collective while we dissect one of the craziest video game movies ever made…
1994’s “STREET FIGHTER”, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme!
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 5 – “The Mask”

A new year, a new lockdown, a new episode!
This time around, we jump ahead in to a new decade as the collective discuss one of Jim Carrey’s earlier works. The 1994 comic book movie, “The Mask”!
Come along and join the P-A-R-T-…Y? Because you GOTTA!
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Disney Goes Pulp!

So the other day I came across these online, and I couldn’t resist sharing it.

The Artist, Ástor Alexander, has done a number of prints of some of the worlds favourite Disney Princesses, in the style of Noir/Pulp Fiction covers. The result is AWESOME!

Alexander has also done many other prints that are available on their Tumblr and over at Society6. Some of these include Metroid, The Witcher and even Super Mario Bros! However, these Disney ones are so cool I had to put them up!

Just for added Geek points, these pictures are in order of original theatrical release 🙂

Snow White




Sleeping Beauty


The Little Mermaid


Beauty and the Beast








The Princess and the Frog


So, which are your favourites? Who would you like to see Alexander tackle next?

Another Guardians Cast Member Shares Thoughts on Gunns Dismissal

With the controversial dismissal of James Gunn from Marvel Studios still in the mind of the consuming masses; fans and supporters in the industry have been rallying to show support to the shunned Director, including the a large number of the cast and crew of Guardians of the Galaxy! Recently, yet another member of the franchise has given their two cents worth regarding Disney’s knee-jerk decision.


In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Hollywood legend Glenn Close has given some very candid views on the subject:

“It’s hard to think of it without him,” says Close, who played the character of Nova Prime in 2014’s original Guardians of the Galaxy. “It’s sad. And it brings up, I think, some very tricky issues around this movement. I bring it up with every woman I talk to because I want to know what people feel, you know? Is that truly what we should be doing? Especially in this case, somebody who’s known to ruin people for something that they wrote in a totally different context, what, ten, 12 years ago? What are we going to do, go back to our pasts and make sure that everything we said was politically correct? Who can live like that? I just feel that there’s something wrong about that.”

Everyone that has come to Gunn’s support has said the same thing, that the man who wrote those provocative tweets almost a decade ago is not the man who the world knows now. Given the length of time that has passed between the tweets and Gunn’s dismissal, not to mention the fact that this was way before he worked with Marvel, is it not possible that a person can change in that time? At the risk of sounding too political (because that’s not why I write these posts), consider what message Disney’s actions potentially send. One could build an argument that this gives people no motivation to change. Because why bother!? Say a few dumb things in your lifetime and you’ll be condemned regardless of the improved person that you’ve become years down the line. Close also raised some very interesting points when taken into account in matters such as this:

“We are very flawed creatures. Look at what we’re doing to our f***ing world. It was a question I was talking about to somebody last night – you have somebody that actually has the creative energy to create something like Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s a flawed human being. He was a, you know, cocky a*****e back then, and was saying things to provoke people. Does that negate him as an artist? I don’t think so. I personally do not think so. Or else we’re taking down buildings and paintings – you know, take down all the Picassos, he treated women terribly. If it’s going to be a lasting cultural revolution, which is a big change, if… We’ve got to take into consideration human nature.”

Despite everyone that has shared their opinion over the last few weeks though, Disney refuse to bow to the popular reasoning, no matter how loud the masses might shout about it. It’s this firm resolve of Disney’s that has led to the production of “Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3” being put on-hold indefinitely while a new director is sourced. But the question is will this delay the delivery of their 2020 release date. Time will tell how this will all play out, but once again, I sadly doubt this is going to end with James Gunn returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Episode 4 – What’s New?!?