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Podcast Episode 21 – Godzilla (1998)

This instalment, Gareth and the gang go deeper underground as they break down Roland Emmerich’s ambitious attempt at rebooting the monster movie franchise!
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 20 – The Rock (1996)

The Nicholas Cage expedition continues, as Gareth and the collective return to break down Michael Bay’s classic 1996 action movie. Also starring the late, great Sean Connery!
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”
Movie Outtakes:
The 007 Theory: 

Podcast Episode 18 – Willow (1988)

This instalment, Gareth and the collective return to bring their hot takes on Ron Howard’s Medieval Fantasy movie, “Willow”! Starring Warwick Davies and Val Kilmer.
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 17 – FACE/OFF

A new year has begun and Gareth and the collective are kicking things off with the 1997 action movie, FACE/OFF!
A movie that has not only pushed the boundaries of science over the years, but the audience’s sanity as well!
Explosions! Gun fights! Action! Insane facial surgery!…Over use of the word Peach!?? This movie has it all and the guys are excited to break it down for you!
Music Credit (outro): Krayzius & Brainstorm – “Virtual Boy”

Podcast Episode 14 (PART 2!) – The Empire Strikes Back…AGAIN!!!

The Collective are back and continuing their epic deep-dive in to the classic Star Wars sequel!

If you want to check out some reviews from the movies original release, here’s an article that’s referenced in the episode:

Podcast Episode 14 – The Empire Strikes Back…PART 1!!!

This episode, Gareth and the rest of the Collective revisit the second/fifth awesome chapter of the Skywalker Saga…THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!
And yes…there was so much to talk about as they reflect on their experiences of life a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, that we had to split it across two episodes!!! Part 2 is coming soon, fellow Geeks and Nerds 🙂

If you want to check out some reviews from the movies original release, here’s an article that’s referenced in the episode:

Film Review: “Chronicle”

Well, it’s been a while, since I’ve posted anything of not. Classic case of slacking off while immersing in trying to complete every Riddler challenge in Arkham City, read as many of DCs New 52 as I possibly can, whilst also watching as many films as I physically can in order to bring more and more musings to you all in 2012. And a really big point of interest is 20th Century Fox’s offering this year is their recent release “Chronicle”! For those of you who haven’t seen anything about this before, let’s take a look…

The film documents three friends experiences as they develop superpowers in a freak underground encounter. However, the film predominantly revolves around initial Teen Loner Andrew Detmer (played by Dane DeHaan), whose troubled journey in life truly gives the impression that you can’t help but feel sorry for him. As two-dimensional as this film may appear to some sceptics, Script Writer Max Landis and Director Josh Trank do a masterful job of meshing the social politics of High School with the responsibility that come with possession of great power providing a rollercoaster of Teen angst, humour, drama and action in a very modest 80 minutes of screen time.

Technically the film is sound. The special effects are slick enough to maintain a level of believability in the story. At the start you get the impression that it could be a bit flat being shot with hand-held cameras as they go through their experiences together. However, as their power increases the finesse of the cinematography grows with them, by the end of the film through multiple angles of various devices you almost get a sense of watching a major motion picture with many fancy camera angles.

Quite simply put, go and see this film! I figured this would be worth a look but what I wasn’t prepared for was the range of emotion you not only see on-screen but that which you may go through yourself as the audience. With some rather funny moments, gripping action and well-timed suspense this is a film that everyone should watch at least once!