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…And Another Thing…Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

This episode, Gareth embarks on a side-quest with Damien as they take a deep dive in to the lore of everyone’s favourite heroes in half-shells!
Why were Nunchucks censored in the franchise? Check out the link below!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 “On Hold”


It’s been just over a month since James Gunn was axed by Disney following surfacing of decade-old tweets, which have caused quite a stir in certain circles and not in keeping with Disneys values. During this time there has been a rollercoaster of events concerning the studio, cast and other supporters on both sides of the fence, and certainly seems far form settling down any time soon.

In a recent article from Deadline, it’s become more apparent that the firing of Gunn is having more of a knock-on effect than originally anticipated. Reports have indicated that the plot has now thickened as pre-production crew for the third instalment of the franchise have been dismissed following the studio putting the project on hold temporarily! It stands to reason as Disney and Marvel Studios will have to go back a couple of steps while they do a patch job before moving forward.

So what’s next?


Disney are still looking for a replacement for Gunn. While there isn’t any one official in the spotlight at present, recent rumours have been that “Thor: Ragnarok” Director, Taika Waititi, has recently met with Marvel. Waititi has more than proven himself with Ragnarok and given the tone the film gave, stands pretty close to that of the Guardians movies.


Disney have not officially confirmed they will be scrapping James Gunns original script, but it would make sense as why would they reward Gunn with a pay check for his written work? This could then cause further issues with the cast as Dave Bautista (Drax) has been very vocal on Gunns dismissal and that he would walk out of his contract if they abandoned the original script.

With all these factors up in the air, you have to wonder exactly what the future has in store for everyones favourite interstellar outlaws! Gunn always said that Volume 3 would be the last instalment with this collection of Guardians. But with the cast standing firm in their support for Gunn, could this indicate that a complete overhaul for the franchise is coming sooner than originally expected? Time will tell, more on this as it develops!



Latest Superman/Batman Castings

So it’s been a fun few months discussing the pros and cons of the upcoming sequel of the “Man of Steel”. The comic-con reveal that Batman will be making an appearance, the fact that Ben Affleck will be donning the cowl and a relative unknown Gal Gadot being chosen to play Wonder-Woman. What else could possibly be thrown our way with regards to what could possibly be the most anticipated comic book movie of all time!!??

Well, today we were the victims of two more bombshells.


That’s right, we now have Everyone’s favourite Butler Alfred Pennyworth in the shape of British Actor Jeremy Irons, and Supermans arch nemesis Lex Luthor is being played by “The Social Networks” Jesse Eisenberg!

But what do we make of all of this? Is Eisenberg too young to play Luthor? Is Irons able to pull off Bruce Wayne’s trusted man-servant? Let’s look at the evidence…

Jeremy Irons as Alfred was an interesting choice for me. Strong performer, great presence on screen. And that’s my problem, Irons doesn’t really blend into the background. Plus has he kind of played too many villains in the past to play the caring surrogate Father figure to the Caped Crusader? I mean thi about it, “The Beorgias”, “Die Hard 3”, “Dead ringers” (well 1 of him anyway) not to mention SCAR in the “Lion King”. Irons can be a larger than life character with a simple look, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what he does with it, especially as it’ll steer away quite a bit from Michael Caines take on the role each in recent years has kind of become somewhat iconic in some respects.

As far as Eisenberg goes, I’m not 100% convinced at this exact moment. At aged 30 I have to admit I was expecting someone a little older, but then again Michael Rossenbaum was 29 when he first started playing the role on Smallville and he is probably more iconic in the role over a decade than Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns (and he was the only redeemable aspect of the entire film!). I watched “Now you see me” a little while back and the thing that strikes me about Eisenberg is that he plays calm and cocky rather well, but he needs to find a whole new level to that. Lex Luthor is cold, calculating and for the most part subtle. I’m not saying he can’t perform to that extent, I’m just saying I’ve not seen him pull that off yet!

All in all I think this is a strong start, but I’m also finding myself a little dubious about the number of names associated with the project. Not just talent wise but character wise as well. Could Zack Snyder bring DC to finally catching up with the Marvel bandwagon and get Justice League off the ground, or could we be looking at a repeat of Batman & Robin ad Spider-Man 3 by having too many big characters to develop in a very short space of time? Just kidding. Nothing is as bad as Batman & Robin, not even Daredevil. Yeah I said it, NOT EVEN DAREDEVIL!

Human Torch Rising From The Ashes!?

Ok, so lets backtrack. In January we witnessed the demise of Johnny Storm in “Fantastic Four” #587. I thought the issue was really well done, going out with a real (pardon the pun) blaze of glory with the Human Torch doing his best to hold off impossible odds which eventually take him sadly away from his family. This in turn led us into The Future Foundation which saw our friendly neighborhood Spiderman join Marvels favorite family in a new series “FF” written by Johnathan Hickman (who also wrote Fantastic Four up to Johnny’s death) and drawn by Steve Epting (also drew Johnny’s final story, as well as the death of Captain America in 2009). On a personal note I really like it when these two continue to work together on “FF” and “Fantastic Four”, it shows really good continuity to the stories. This now that brings us up to the present, where recently there’s been speculation that the worlds favorite hot head would be reappearing in a later edition of “Fantastic Four”. I kind of dismissed this as simple rumour. However, Marvel have decided to lay this little gem on their fan base around the world…

Thought? Personally I would like if when a major comic character gets killed off…HE STAYS DEAD! That in itself would be a totally original idea. It occasionally happens with some of the B-characters but example like Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Steve Rogers (Captain America) presumed dead but then DC and Marvel add more complexity by having them appear to be transported to a different point in Earths history, prove that maybe larger comic companies just don’t have the balls to push the envelope by making breaking changes with their products.

Now as usual, times going to have to tell with what this will pan out like, but I have to admit I’m curious to see if Torch will actually be making a return or if this is simply a promotional shot. Is Johnny coming back? Will it be permanent? Will Spidey continue with the team if Johnny comes back for good? So many possibilities and so much time to speculate! We’re just going to have to wait until November to find out. As always my fellow geeks…Watch this space!