Will The Man Of Steel Be A Super – Reboot?

Over recent weeks there has been a great number of rumours and speculation as to what Zack Snyder has had in mind with his next major project, one of the more anticipated comic book reboots starring Detective Comics Patriotic Extra Terrestrial entitled “Superman: Man of Steel”! However, now there are more and more facts coming to light, mainly involving casting but it’s still looking promising enough to talk about. Will it rise up to the ranks of Christopher Nolans Batman franchise? Or will it crash and burn like many cast members and set of that god forsaken Spiderman musical!?

Let’s take a look at the Man of Steel himself. Superman (AKA Kal El) is being portrayed by Britains own Henry Cavill, who is more known from playing Charles Brandon in “The Tudors” with Johnathan Rhys Meyers and also played the pompous upstart Humphrey in “Stardust”. I have to admit I’ve never heard of this guy apart from when I found out he was in “Stardust” (for those who may be judging me…I care not, I love that film!), but I really think he has the right look, I stumbled across a photo online a couple of weeks back which rendered him in the old blue and red…

Of course there is one factor that defines Superman and the path he takes for truth and justice around the world, and that is his adopted human parents Johnathan and Martha Kent. The pair will be played by Diane Lane and Kevin Costner! Diane Lane has been long-established for many years, unfortunately, being the geek that I am, the only film of hers I take true note of is her performance of Judge Hershey in Stallones classic version of “Judge Dredd”! Still, never the less from other footage I have seen in the past I honestly believe she will do right by the part. Now, let’s get to possibly one of the best castings I think Snyder has made for this film, Kevin Costner! Johnathan Kent is a very All-American character, and you don’t really get more All-American than this legend! “Untouchables”, “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”, “JFK”, “Bill Durham”, “Field of Dreams”! OK, we can forgive him for “Waterworld” and MAYBE “The Postman”, and why I hear you ask? Because he is Kevin frickin’ Costner!

So let’s talk about Lois Lane, yes she’s never really been that bright in noticing that all that stood between a secret identity was a pair of NHS spectacles, but this is such a sought after role and gained a lot of attention. Natalie Portman (too small), Anne Hathaway (playing Catwoman), Dianna Agron (maybe a little young), Kristen Stewart (yeah I know…that would have sucked), Malin Akerman, Rachel McAdams (favourite of mine), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (awesome in “Scott Pilgrim” but may not be right for her), Kristen Bell, Lake Bell, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis (voice just doesn’t gel) and Jessica Biel were considered for the part. But after all that Zack Snyder made an INSPIRED move recently and cast Amy Adams as the Daily Planets number one reporter! I love Amy Adams work, and I think she’s going to be great for the part and will no doubt open up a whole new fan base for her.

Naturally the Last Son of Krypton needs a nemesis to square off against, but who? No one has mentioned the name Lex Luthor at all, maybe “Smallville” has stolen that particular thunder, maybe no one wants to follow Kevin Spaceys great performance in “Superman Returns”, the film is a little underrated but I enjoy watching maybe once every year or two. There are many other smaller enemies they can bring to the table, Brainiac, Bizarro, Darkseid, maybe even the Suicide Squad, however there is one that shines above all others…Still can’t piece it together? Ok I’ll back track a little, a couple of months ago a series a actress’ were auditioning for what the public believed to be Lois Lane. However, it later transpired it was actually for the role of Ursa, for those that don’t know who this is, Ursa is the hench-woman of one of the greatest ranking member of the Rogues Gallery and my personal choice for main movie villain…GENERAL ZOD! The Kyptonian outcast made famous by Terrence Stamps performance in “Superman 2”, this is the perfect choice to bring to a new generation of fanboy; it’ll give an intense progression which can embody a single film rather than have to build up over another movie or two. And the rumour is there are two people in the running to play him, they are Viggo Mortensen and Daniel Day-Lewis!!! Either choice would just be awesome!

Although no aspects of the plot have actually been announced yet I still think the movie is starting off very strong, with David S Goyer (writer for “The Dark Knight”) attached to writing duties I think we could be in for one hell of a ride. And with an estimated budget of $175,000,000 (roughly £110,000,000) there is no limit to the possibilities for this movie are endless. And I for one have never been let down by Zack Snyders vision via “300” and “Watchmen” and I highly doubt he’s going to start letting fans down now!

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