Dark Knight Rises: Possible Leaked Plot Line!?

A couple of days ago a supposed plot line had been leaked for Chris Nolans “The Dark Knight Rises”, the swan song to his amazing vision of the Caped Crusader Batman! Let’s paint a little backdrop for the scene…Since they announced Nolans Batman would become a trilogy there was a horrendous amount of speculation with regards to villains, storyline etc, at one point I remember reading a random rumour that David Tennant was in line to play The Riddler (have to admit I thought that would be pretty cool). In January of this year we were informed by Nolan that Anne Hathaway had been cast to play Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) but we weren’t sure if Catwoman herself would show, only Ms Kyle had been named; However, in an interview on Oprah this week she was referring to her character casting as Catwoman, slip of the tongue or was she just using the character reference as its more well-known than the alter ego? We’ll find out next year but I think Hathaway will be a great addition to the cast. Prior to this casting it had become common knowledge that the UKs very own Tom Hardy (Inception/Bronson) had been tipped to play a part in the movie, although it was unknown who he would be portraying; most speculated it to be Dr Hugo Strange, but it soon became apparent that Chris Nolan had other grand ideas and cast him in the role of the super steroid enhanced, criminal mastermind BANE! Those of us unlucky enough to be scarred by Joel Schumachers take on one of DCUs best villains (in my mind anyway) this quote from Hardy will hopefully put your mind at ease in assuring us this will not happen EVER AGAIN:

“Christopher Nolan will revisit the character, so I wouldn’t go by that at all. I’m going to need to bulk up a lot for it. That’s a lot of weight to put on and I’ve got to start shooting in May. I’ve got to go up to about 13 or 14 stone. I’m 12 and a bit now, so I only have a few months to do that.”

The fact that Hardy, a talented actor, is willing to put himself through this sort of regime shows nothing but promise for the quality of the film. On thing that you can never be sure of is if Nolan would be accurate with regards to the costumes of various characters. So would Bane where his trademark (what some heretics believe gimp-style) mask in the new movie? Hardy simply had this to say:

“Only if I feel like it.”

OK so let’s get to the theorized plot…As mentioned before Catwoman will be appearing (possibly as a villain to begin with) but by the end of the film she is meant to be teaming up with the Bat to go up against…The League of Shadows! Fans will recognise Nolan has used The League before in “Batman Begins” with Liam Neeson as Ra’s al Ghul; however this time around it will be headed by his daughter Talia! The Leagues purpose is unknown right now but what we do know is Bane is meant to be in her corner (muscle or love interest?), also another Nolan favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be joining their cause, no idea what part he’ll be playing yet but my hopes are on either Hugo Strange or the Black Mask!

Once again I can’t stress enough this is not written in stone! Merely rumours and speculation, not to mention the fact that Nolan is known for using misdirection in his movies, why not utilise those talents to misdirect the public to make the unveiling so much more awesome! Personally, I would really like to see the venom-enhanced Bane break the back of Charlie Sheen across his knee à la Knightfall Saga…Yeah I know that’s got nothing to do with the film but the visual alone is rewarding enough, who would be winning then Charlie?! Pushing the imploding star to one side, filming for “The Dark Knight Rises” should be starting in May of this year and I personally am on the edge of my seat already in anticipation of what could be coming our way! Yeah sure, Tom Hardy may not be the first vision of Bane, BUT people damn near condemned Nolan for casting Heath Ledger; until of course we heard the teaser of the Joker, watched the trailers, hell I’ve watched “The Dark Knight” over 10 times and it never gets old! It’s with occasions like this that I’ve some to put my trust in Chris Nolans casting decisions and I’m pretty sure Bane is going to be awesome. One thing you can guarantee, the second I hear anything else, it will be getting posted!

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